Why, Hello there!


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mimi. I am owner, designer, CEO, head honcho, screen printer, seamstress and saleswoman of MimiDre, LLC. Doesn’t just reading that long list exhaust you? Honestly, That list sums up all I do in a day.

I was born and raised in Baltimore City. I came up during the “City that Reads” era before we were known for The Wire and the Ravens football team. I was a creative kid, always drawing or painting. Somewhere around 9 or 10, I became fascinated with clothes and fashion shows. I still have sketchbooks galore of fashion sketches from my teen years and VHS tapes of recorded episodes of Fashion File.

I graduated high school with great grades and a bright future. What was next? A shy and somewhat sheltered Mimi wanted to stay in state and close to home for college. I graduated from Towson University after studying Graphic Design. Graphic design was a creative yet functional means of expression for me but my love for fashion was still there. I enrolled in Parsons The New School for Design for Fashion Studies from which I would graduate in 2008. After looking for work in the highly saturated NY fashion industry and struggling economy, I reluctantly moved back to my hometown. Although it wasn’t what I would have envisioned for myself, the move turned out to be extremely vital to my growth.

BFWGroup1My debut on the Baltimore fashion scene was a design competition at one of the largest art festivals in the country, Artscape. I didn’t win but the experience allowed me to meet some very amazing folks on the Baltimore fashion scene. The next couple years I kept busy doing freelance graphic design work and local fashion shows. Things weren’t making sense for me yet. I was creating things and the things were okay but they didn’t make sense to me. It wasn’t a clear point of view. I snagged a job at Plaza Artist Materials as a sales associate. This may seem minor but the years I worked there I learned so much about other art processes including Screen Printing. Screen Printing plus Graphic Design equals Graphic tees. Graphic tees plus fly custom made clothing equals MimiDre.

Hope you enjoyed this somewhat brief glimpse into the background of MimiDre. Enough about me! Tell us a little about yourselves in the comments… What’s your name? What’s your passion?

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