What is a “Fly Nerd”?

IMG_4298What is a Fly Nerd?

The question I usually get asked the most.

A Fly Nerd is someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin. It’s a person who is what others might deem weird or quirky but they don’t care. They are absolutely cool with being who they are.

Let’s break it down.

Fly is a slang term that means cool or stylish. This person is also confident… unbothered with what the masses are doing.

Nerd is usually a word that normally has a negative connotation to describe someone who is intellectual or has superior skills. Often designated for people who may seem to lack social skills or be boringly studious.

Example. “Ugh! He’s such a nerd!”

Growing up I was very much a nerd and was called both quirky and weird. Since, I have learned to embrace and love those “quirky” things about myself.

Our tees describe a “Fly Nerd” as a confident and stylish individual who is devoted to intellectual and academic pursuits.IMG_4430

Yes, you heard it here! It is cool to be smart, quirky, weird and even a nerd!

Be smart.   Be weird.   Be quirky.   Be YOU!

Feel free to tell us what makes you quirky in the comments.

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